It's just life


i probably shouldn’t love you.. but i do

Thank you all for the fucking god damn invite 

Im really sorry to anyone who messages me for advice and so on, i literally am really struggling rn and i have nothing really to put, i feel so empty and drained. Sorry just a shit person 

- i think you're a beautiful person. Even though you're in so much emotional pain yourself, you still took the time and effort to reply and encourage people. You didn't have to care... but you did:-) thank you for staying so strong and being alive. "everything will be okay. if it's not okay, it's not the end" love you xx


Ty! love you xxx

Hey. I know you might think you're only bringing pain to people. but i disagree. Besides, I'm sure that if you're gone, that pain is going to be worse than you can ever imagine. And that will be nothing you can do to salvage it. LIVE and not just survive. Don't run away and don't say you're not strong because i know you are:-) I may not know you. And I can't say I understand you and your pains because I don't and because no one can EVER fully understand anyone. BUT I can honestly tell you that-



I tried to cut myself for the first time tonight but I'm not even strong enough to draw blood but I can't take the pain away and idk how


NO STOP! That means you are strong! If you can stop yourself from cutting then you’re so strong! Carry on, I’m not in the right frame of mind for advice rn though